Comprehensive All Risk Insurance

Have you ever thought about the fate of your belongings inside your insured property during an unnamed peril? Worry not, comprehensive all risks insurance got you!

All risks insurance policy provides coverage for unforeseen or unprecedented losses to specified items arising from any peril within the geographical area specified in the policy, except for those explicitly excluded in the policy. This could be because of theft, fire, riot and strike, accidental damage and any other cause not excluded under the policy.

All Risks Insurance

Benefits of comprehensive all risk insurance:

  1. Comprehensive umbrella coverage for any unforeseen peril.
  2. Eliminates coverage gaps, ensuring complete insurance coverage package.
  3. Flexibility: All risks insurance policy is often customizable to suit your specific needs, allowing you to tailor coverage limits and deductibles to align with your risk tolerance and budget.
  4. Coverage for new and unknown risks: Unlike named-peril policies that only cover specified risks, all risks insurance typically offers protection against unknown or newly emerging risks, providing a higher level of assurance in an ever-changing environment.
  5. Simplified Management: Instead of managing multiple insurance policies for different risks, all risks insurance consolidates coverage into a single policy, simplifying the insurance process and making it easier to manage.
  6. Transparent and easily understandable policy terms and conditions.

All risks insurance cover is your go to package. Unlike other types of all risks insurance like contractors all risk insurance, erection all risks insurance and industrial all risks insurance which are specialized to cover certain risks only, our all risks insurance cover provides you with coverage against any cause not excluded by the policies hence giving you a wide coverage. Contact us today to get started