Customized Solutions Insurance Agency

Custom insurance solutions to individuals and corporate clients.

Life is a voyage full of risks.

About Us

Customized Solutions Insurance Agency are professionals who offer types of customized insurance solutions to individuals and corporate clients.

We provide information about different types of insurance coverage, assess clients’ Insurance needs, and recommend solutions that meet our clients needs.

Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves by offering our highly esteemed clients unparalleled custom insurance services. After noting our clients needs, we diligently go out of our way, to source an insurance solution which is customized to address a client’s unique needs at the most economical price possible.

We never hope for our clients to have claims but in the eventuality, nothing give us more pleasure than a happy customer whose claim has been settled after we have expeditiously followed up. Discover tailored protection with customized insurance solutions. Get a personalized insurance plan for your unique needs today.

Our Services

We offer below insurance policies:

Medical Insurance

In life, unexpected health risks may arise whose cost of treatment may be unaffordable depending on severity and nature of the condition hence,need for a medical insurance cover.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor insurance protects the insured against loss if the motor vehicle insured is involved in an accident, burnt, stolen and third party liability arising from use of the insured motor vehicle.

Group Health Insurance

This is a medical insurance that covers all your employees in a single health insurance policy.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity cover provides a safety net for professionals and businesses, ensuring that they can continue to operate without the financial burden of defending against claims.

Contractors All Risk Insurance

Specialized insurance policy designed to provide comprehensive coverage to contractors and construction project owners. It safeguards against a wide range of risks.

Individual Pension Insurance

An Individual Pension Plan (IPP) is a retirement savings policy designed to provide individuals with a personalized and often more robust pension solution.



Customized Solutions Insurance Agency is licensed by Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) to operate as an insurance agent for all Insurance companies in Kenya, subject to the provision of the Insurance Act,1984.

We were registered in the year 2012 and since then our clientele is spread in all the leading insurance companies in Kenya.


What Clients Say About Us

We started engaging their services in the year 2013 and still retain them for their promptness in customer service and claims handling.

Nishi Sharma


Customized Solution Insurance Agency has been sourcing and negotiating competitive insurance quotations with various insurance companies on our behalf.

Colbert Ojiambo

Managing Partner

I thank Customized Solutions Insurance Agency for their exemplary services in managing Mirova SunFunder East Africa’s pension plan and relationship with our pension provider.

Eva Masinde

HR Business Partner