Secure Your Health with a Medical Insurance Cover

You can prioritize your health and well-being without worrying about the financial burden. Our customized medical insurance plans offers a range of benefits, including hospitalization coverage, access to a network of top healthcare providers, and financial security during medical emergencies. 

customized medical insurance

A comprehensive medical insurance coverage gives you access to top-notch healthcare. Customized insurance policies are designed to fit your unique needs during health crises.

group health insurance

What is covered by a medical insurance cover in Kenya?

Medical policies in Kenya can vary significantly depending on the specific insurance plan, provider, and the premium paid. There are many types of medical insurance plans available, e.g. we have corporate insurance cover and group health insurance each with its own features, benefits, and considerations. However, a basic health insurance policy in Kenya will cover the following range of healthcare services and expenses:

Inpatient Hospitalization

This covers the costs of staying in a hospital for medical treatment. It includes room and board, nursing care, medications, and necessary medical procedures. Some medical insurance provider may also cover the cost of surgery, anesthesia, and other related services during hospitalization.

Outpatient Care

Policies cover outpatient services, which encompass doctor’s consultations, diagnostic tests, and medical procedures that do not require a hospital stay. This can include specialist consultations, laboratory tests, and X-rays.

Prescription Medications

The cost of prescribed medications, whether taken in the hospital or at home, is often covered by health insurance. However, the specific drugs covered and the extent of coverage may vary depending on the plan.

Maternity Benefits

Health insurance policies include maternity coverage, covering prenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal care. This can include expenses related to pregnancy, delivery, and newborn care.

Emergency Care

Health policies often covers emergency services, including ambulance transportation, emergency room visits, and urgent medical care.

Surgical Procedures

The policy covers the cost of surgical procedures, whether they are performed in a hospital or an outpatient surgical center. Coverage may extend to both planned and emergency surgeries.

Chronic Illness and Disease Management

Insurance providers offer coverage for the management of chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or cancer, including doctor’s visits, medication, and necessary tests.

Specialist Consultations

Medical plans generally include coverage for consultations with specialists, such as cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, and neurologists.

Dental and Optical Care

Our policies provide limited coverage for dental and optical services, such as dental check-ups, fillings, eye exams, and prescription eyeglasses.

Preventive Care

Health insurance plans cover preventive healthcare services, including vaccinations, health screenings, and wellness programs.

Benefits of Health Insurance

  1. Financial Security: Health insurance helps protect individuals from the unexpected costs of healthcare services. It covers a significant portion of medical expenses, reducing the financial burden on policyholders. While individual medical insurance caters to personal health needs, corporate medical insurance extends coverage to employees, fostering a healthy workforce.
  2. Choice of Providers: Having insurance allows individuals to access a network of hospitals, clinics, and specialists. This ensures that policyholders can receive quality medical care when needed.
  3. Peace of Mind: Having health insurance provides peace of mind, knowing that financial assistance is available when faced with medical emergencies or health concerns.
  4. Family Coverage: Most insurance plans offer family packages, covering spouses and children under a single policy, which can be more cost-effective than individual plans.
  5. Tax Benefits: In Kenya, the premiums paid for medical insurance are tax-deductible up to certain limits, providing additional financial incentives for having medical coverage.


In conclusion, securing comprehensive health insurance is essential for safeguarding one’s well-being and financial stability. By providing access to medical care and financial protection against unforeseen healthcare expenses, health insurance offers peace of mind and ensures individuals can meet their needs incase of a health emergency.