Are you concerned about the potential risks of employee dishonesty?

Our fidelity guarantee insurance offers a robust solution to safeguard your organization against the threat of fraudulent activities committed by employees. With this coverage, you can protect your assets and mitigate the financial losses resulting from theft, embezzlement, forgery, and other forms of employee misconduct. Explore our fidelity guarantee insurance cover today and secure your business’s financial integrity.

fidelity guarantee cover

What is covered by Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy?

Employee Theft

Protection against financial losses resulting from theft of money, securities, or property by employees.

Embezzlement of Funds

Coverage for losses arising from the fraudulent misappropriation or diversion of funds or assets by employees entrusted with their management.

Forgery or Alteration

Insurance for losses caused by the forgery or alteration of checks, documents, or financial instruments by employees.

Fraudulent Acts

Coverage for losses resulting from fraudulent activities, such as false representation, deceit, or manipulation of records or financial statements by employees.

Computer Fraud

Protection against losses resulting from unauthorized access, use, or manipulation of computer systems or data by employees for fraudulent purposes.

Third-Party Fidelity

Fidelity guarantee insurance covers for losses caused by the fraudulent acts of non-employee third parties, such as contractors or vendors, when entrusted with the insured’s property or funds.

It’s important to review the specific terms and conditions of the fidelity guarantee insurance policy to understand the extent of coverage, exclusions, deductibles, and other important details tailored to your business’s needs. Contact us today!