Fire & Perils Insurance Policy

Fire and perils insurance policy provides compensation to the insured for any loss or damage incurred to the insured property due to fire, along with additional perils such as earthquakes, explosions, riots, strikes, malicious damage, windstorms, tempests, or floods.

Fire and Allied Perils Insurance is a must have for any business and home owners. It’s essential because;

  • It protects against damages stemming from causes related to fires, beyond just accidental fires.
  • It safeguards your property, facilitating the recovery of losses incurred by your business.

What’s covered by Fire and Allied Perils Insurance:

Fire and allied perils insurance is an extension of the basic cover (Fire insurance). Among the items covered under the policy includes:

  1. Ignition from flammable sources or actual fire occurrence
  2. Damage from smoke.
  3. Strikes from lightning.

Extensions of Fire and Allied Perils Insurance:

The basic cover extends to include other additional covers and allied perils such as:

  1. Standard explosions such as those from boilers and compressors
  2. Earthquakes
  3. Incidents of riot, strike, or civil commotion
  4. Deliberate malicious damage
  5. Damage caused by aircraft or falling aerial objects.
  6. Damage resulting from storms, wind, tempests, or tornadoes.
  7. Rain-related damage
  8. Flooding
  9. Bursting or overflowing of water tanks and pipes.
  10. Bush fires.

A fire can occur unexpectedly, often catching you off guard. Having fire insurance is crucial, not only for safeguarding your business but also for protecting your home. Contact us today to get your cover!