What is Goods in transit insurance policy?

Goods in transit insurance offers protection for the potential loss or harm to different types of goods while they are being transported by road, rail, air, or waterway. The policy provides compensation for accidental loss or damage to goods that belong to the insured or for which the insured is responsible in the following situations:

  1. Loading onto or unloading any vehicle or wagon.
  2. In transit.
  3. Temporarily stored during the transit process.

This policy best suits people in business of transporting or distributing goods throughout Kenya.

Goods in transit insurance

Benefits of goods in transit insurance cover

Goods in transit cover can be set up to provide protection for goods transported:

  1. On specific vehicles or trailers owned by the person proposing the insurance.
  2. On any vehicle or trailer owned by the person proposing the insurance.
  3. On any specified vehicle hired or used by the person proposing the insurance.
  4. While being transported by any road or rail transporters hired by the person proposing the insurance.

Goods in transit insurance covers the following:

  1. Expenses related to clearing debris while removing damaged property from the immediate vicinity of the incident site.
  2. Moving items from the vehicle post-accident and reloading them onto another vehicle.
  3. Ensuring the safety and protection of property at the location of the accident.
  4. Harm (excluding normal wear and tear) to tarpaulins, sheets, trailer curtains, ropes, chains, webbing straps, and packing materials resulting from an accident.
  5. Coverage for damage or loss caused by:
    • Collisions involving the carrying vehicle.
    • Breakage of bridges.
    • Overturning of the carrying vehicle.
    • Derailment or similar accidents involving the carrying vehicle.
    • Lightning struck the carrying vehicle.

With Goods in transit insurance, embark on your transportation journey with the assurance that your valuable goods are shielded against the uncertainties of the road, rail, air, or waterway.

Goods in transit insurance coverage begins when the goods are being loaded onto the transporting vehicle and ends when the goods are unloaded at the destination. If the vehicle does not complete the transit for any reason, the policy extends to cover the property while it is being transferred and conveyed by any on-carrying vehicle.

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