Plate Glass Insurance Policy

Plate glass refers to flat glass frequently used in glass doors, mirrors, windows, and facades.

Plate glass insurance policy offers coverage to the insured party against losses or damage to glass caused by accidental or fortuitous events. This coverage can be arranged for display signs, fixed glass, and glass partitions within a business premises.

Benefits of Plate Glass Insurance

  1. Covers replacement broken plate glass.
  2. Includes expenses associated with repairing accidental breakage of insured glass for any reason, excluding specific exclusions.
  3. Offers protection against loss or damage to ornamental, embossed, lettered, or stained plate or sheet glass.
  4. The glass policy can be extended to cover the expenses of boarding up damaged glass until replacement is completed.

Exclusions of Plate Glass Insurance

  1. Breakage resulting from fire, explosion, or any loss covered by a fire policy.
  2. Expenses related to the removal or replacement of fixtures and fittings.
  3. Coverage for natural disasters.
  4. Damaged or imperfect glass, including cracks.
  5. Losses attributed to the interruption of business.
  6. Breakage caused by unsecured glass.

The plate glass insurance policy is well-suited for any business establishment with installed plate glass, aimed at enhancing visual and aesthetic appeal. This includes showrooms, shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, theaters, stadiums, and similar establishments. Contact us today for a quote!